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 Talentcity Energy offers tiered levels of service offerings that can be used on a standalone basis or to augment your existing working processes and methodologies.

Consultancy and Development

We offer general advisory services, local support for international developers, engineering design identification of sustainable project locations, project conceptualization & sizing, yield assesments, securing tariffs and connection points, stakeholder management and strategic partner facilitation

Construction and installation

Under this service, we offer installations by an experienced specialist team, procurement from top quality suppliers and OEMs, local logistics support, construction project management, system integration & configuration.

Operation and Maintenance

This involves complete monitoring and support of deployed infrastructure, remote monitoring system, prompt response in event of a fault or breakdown, regular installations and continous optimization.

Energy Efficiency Services

We provide a broad range of energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy efficiency projects, retrofitting, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply and risk management model that is geared towards significantly improving your profit margin by a reduction in your overall power bill.

Energy Investment

We develop, bid and maintain shareholding rights in joint renewable energy projects either under independently or dependently.

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